Every human
being’s personal data,

in particular digital data, conveys information on his cultural values and private life. Personal data cannot be reduced to a commodity. #digital_dna

The reasonable
exploitation of data

is an opportunity for the development of research and the pursuit of the general interest. It must be governed by a universal code of ethics that protects each individual’s dignity, privacy and creative works, and the diversity of opinions. #ethical #fair

Everyone has the right
to respect for his dignity,

private life and creative works, and shall not be discriminated against on the basis of access to his personal data and the use made thereof. No private or public entity may use personal data to manipulate access to information, freedom of opinion or democratic procedures. #privacy

Everyone has the right
to inspect and control

his personal data, including that resulting from his behavior and objects connected to him. Everyone has the right to the confidentiality of his personal data, and to the protection of his anonymity when he so requests. #right_of_inspection

Any exploitation
of the data

data or creative works of any individual requires his free, prior, informed, time-limited and reversible consent. #consent

The users of
personal data,

whatever their level of accountability, including States, public and private authorities, companies and individuals, shall show total transparency in the collection and use of any individual’s data, and shall facilitate each individual’s access to his data, as well as its traceability, confidentiality and security. #transparency_of_the_uses

Open research and

based on the sharing, subject to consent, of any individual’s anonymized data, with respect for his dignity and for cultural diversity, are in the general interest. #research #general_interest

Cooperation between civil
society and businesses

is required to put the human being back at the center of a trustworthy society, aided by the reasonable use of disclosed and inferred personal data. #cooperation #data_helped_society



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